Bloom's Story

Bloom's Story

Growing up, Alarie Jenkins had a passion for fashion. From her sneakers to her jewelry, she always had an appreciation for style. After several years of pondering over opening her own small boutique, she decided to branch out and take a chance. As a side hobby, she opened a small boutique selling cute and affordable clothing out of her home. She started sending out her love for clothing and accessories in packages from a spare bedroom.

After countless hours of work she was offered a spot in a small hair salon called Deep Roots located in Wilson, NC. Atlanta Wills, owner of Deep Roots Salon, and her team of stylist made girls beautiful from their hair to their clothing. With the amazing help of this lovely group of young ladies, Bloom grow dramatically over a years time. Then in 2019, was launched. 

Bloom is her heart, making customers cute and stylish is her passion. Bloom offers pride in the great customer service and offering the trendiest apparel at the best prices! Keep posting and sharing your Bloom clothing!






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